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Hello, my name is Dominika. I have been practicing Reflexology for the last 13 years. I also offer Reiki and Healing Touch which is my signature combination of Reflexology and Reiki together. I am also a qualified Fertility and Maternity Reflexologist. Recently I have won best Reflexologist in Oakville by Oakville's Community Votes. I am a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Reflexology.

Each day brings new lessons
"To truly know the world,
look deeply within your own being;
to truly know yourself,
take real interest in the world."
Rudolf Steiner



It is a combination of Energy Healing and grounding Healing Touch.This choice allows for Foot Reflexology and Intuitive Energy Healing to come together in one session and remedy both physical and energy based ailments. As the blockages are found in the reflexes of the feet, they may be addressed on both the feet and the area of the body itself. 

Healing Touch is my signature technique where guided by my intuition and with the help of Light Beings I am able to find areas of stagnant energy and bring back the flow. I also balance the Chakras and find the reasons of their malfunction.


Reflexology Healing is a therapeutic foot massage that allows for the communication between the feet and the rest of our bodies. By stimulating different parts of the client's feet I release blockages and toxins which allows for better function of the entire organism.

Reflexology brings relaxation, release, homeostasis and it is also very grounding.

60 min - $100+tax

90 min - $140+tax

90 min - $155+tax


Working with Light Energy and guided by Intuition is a wondrous way of connection between Healer and the client. All our physical illnesses have an echo in our energy field, our Astral Body. Healing with Light removes blockages and cords that are not allowing us to live a healthy and prosperous lives. During the session you may experience a lot of release, physical as well as emotional, and clarity is gained in the process along with physical well being.


Long distance healing is an alternative way of healing for anyone who does not wish to travel outside of their home or is not able to arrive for a scheduled appointment. Sometimes it is also a last minute need of a healing that could be remedied by such a session. 

It could be also done over the phone or a video call.

30 min - $65+tax

60 min - $105+tax

30 min - $65+tax

60 min - $105+tax

90 min - $145+tax




My lifelong passion has always been to help others achieve a symbiotic balance between their Body, Mind and Spirit. For over 13 years I have been healing ailments of physical and spiritual nature of very diverse clients. I have experience with identifying various needs and applying appropriate steps of the Healing process. I achieve that by using many different techniques I accumulated the knowledge of over the years. Mostly, I rely on Reflexology and Intuitive Energy Healing.

Each day brings new lessons.


My services are available at

Abaton Integrative Medicine

1400 Cornwall Road, unit #17

Oakville, ON

905 580 3333

Thursdays 9am - 8pm

Fridays 9am - 8pm

Saturdays 9am - 4pm

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